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Posted on: March 10, 2010 11:40 am
Okay,  so we all know the skins struggled in the run game,  but I was just looking over the stats for the RB's on our team trying to figure out what the YPC was, and I realized something.  You take out Jason Cambells scramble yards and we actually ranked 32nd in the league in rushing.  Not 26th as the team stats would tell you.  Now I do not recall the Redskins run any bootleg plays where Campbell was supposed to run the ball so I think most his yards were on broken plays or what have you.
Anyway you take out Campbell's yards and we had 1274 rushing yards.  Now some may be thinking, its not fair to take out 1 QB and leave in the QBs on the other 32 teams, and they are right so I did that math as well and Washington is still dead last.  
Anyway here is how each team does when you remove QB rushing yards, I tried my best to leave in wildcat QB's as they are designed run plays, so keep that in mind with teams like PHI and MIA I thought that was fair
  1. NYJ 2649
  2. CAR 2441
  3. TEN 2296
  4. MIA 2191
  5. BAL 2113
  6. NO 2085
  7. DAL 1998
  8. CLE 1983
  9. CIN 1951
  10. MIN 1921
  11. NE 1854
  12. ATL 1823
  13. DEN 1769
  14. NYG 1745
  15. KC 1740
  16. JAX 1706
  17. PIT 1694
  18. STL 1680
  19. Buf 1620
  20. GB 1574
  21. OAK 1508
  22. PHI 1498
  23. AZ 1488
  24. SF 1479
  25. SEA 1445
  26. Hou 1409
  27. DET 1384
  28. SD 1382
  29. CHI 1319
  30. TB 1312
  31. Ind 1303
  32. WAS 1274

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