Posted on: March 10, 2010 11:40 am

Run Game Blog

Okay,  so we all know the skins struggled in the run game,  but I was just looking over the stats for the RB's on our team trying to figure out what the YPC was, and I realized something.  You take out Jason Cambells scramble yards and we actually ranked 32nd in the league in rushing.  Not 26th as the team stats would tell you.  Now I do not recall the Redskins run any bootleg plays where Campbell was supposed to run the ball so I think most his yards were on broken plays or what have you.
Anyway you take out Campbell's yards and we had 1274 rushing yards.  Now some may be thinking, its not fair to take out 1 QB and leave in the QBs on the other 32 teams, and they are right so I did that math as well and Washington is still dead last.  
Anyway here is how each team does when you remove QB rushing yards, I tried my best to leave in wildcat QB's as they are designed run plays, so keep that in mind with teams like PHI and MIA I thought that was fair
  1. NYJ 2649
  2. CAR 2441
  3. TEN 2296
  4. MIA 2191
  5. BAL 2113
  6. NO 2085
  7. DAL 1998
  8. CLE 1983
  9. CIN 1951
  10. MIN 1921
  11. NE 1854
  12. ATL 1823
  13. DEN 1769
  14. NYG 1745
  15. KC 1740
  16. JAX 1706
  17. PIT 1694
  18. STL 1680
  19. Buf 1620
  20. GB 1574
  21. OAK 1508
  22. PHI 1498
  23. AZ 1488
  24. SF 1479
  25. SEA 1445
  26. Hou 1409
  27. DET 1384
  28. SD 1382
  29. CHI 1319
  30. TB 1312
  31. Ind 1303
  32. WAS 1274

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Posted on: January 13, 2010 10:00 am

Redskins can hybrid their line.

With word on the new DC being Haslett it looks like the skins can implement a 4-3 or a 3-4 line.  I ask you why not both?
After thinking this through I think the washington Redskins actually may be in good shape to run the hybrid with our line, Linebackers is a different story, where they are kinda in a wait and see phase, but I think that it could be done, if backups are properly trained, we at least have personnel who fit the physical attributes to play the scheme. 
If Big Al has a problem with the 3-4, then that can work to the teams advantage, this is the classic use your strength as a weakness and weakness as a strength.
Albert played in 12 games this season, he tends to only play 14 or so.  I think when he was playing he averaged playing 70% of the downs.  Also last year there was a problem where Monty was saying he was not getting enough play time.  So here is my thoughts.  We have sufficient depth right now at both spots to really train two different types of lines with little trouble.  I mean you have to cross train everyone to play both, but have the backups of the 4 man line be more prolific at the 3 man line
So we hybrid and when Al comes out we use that as a time to run the 3-4.
You Starting 4-3 line could look like this 
Carter, Andre, DE, 6'4", 253Griffin, Cornelius, DT, 6'4", 303Haynesworth, Albert, DT, 6'6", 350Orakpo, Brian, DE, 6'3", 260
With your backups being (in order at position)Jarmon, Jeremy, DE, 6'3", 277   Jackson, Rob, DE, 6'4", 269    Wilson, Chris, DE, 6'4", 247
Golston, Kedric, DT, 6'4", 300Montgomery, Anthony, DT, 6'6", 330Alexander, Lorenzo, DT, 6'1", 297

We are all familiar with the lineup being something along these lines.  This is what we have seen from the skins the past few years.  It works well enough I mean Orakpo and Carter have 10 + sacks this year so thats good. 
So here is what I have for the staring linup for a 3-4 D.  As well as depth listed below.  The things to note, In a 3-4 you want your DE's to be Ideally 285–300 lbs, so moving one of out depth DT's to the DE position was a necessity.  For a ideal NT you want a guy to be 330+ lbs.  
Jarmon, Jeremy, DE, 6'3", 277   Montgomery, Anthony, NT, 6'6", 330Alexander, Lorenzo, DE, 6'1", 297
With your backups being (in order at position)Jackson, Rob, DE, 6'4", 269    
Golston, Kedric, DT, 6'4", 300
The only weakness I see on the current roster is that Jarmon is a bit light for the 3-4 but its not a deal-breaker and getting him to put 10 lbs on is possible.  The real concern I see is that we don't have much depth at any spot for the starting linup.  Really Jackson and Golston are  way too light to be a regular DE/NT in the 3-4.  Goldy could move to DE in this line as well but I don't see him as a quick DT like Alexander.
Now I am not saying go 3-4 full time, or even have a particularly large play book for the 3-4 , what I am thinking is the roster would go use a 4-3 base 75% of the time and 3-4 base 25% of the time, along with their dime and nickel and 335 packages whenever they need to.  I am thinking the team could get away with having a 10-15 play playbook for the 3-4.  
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Posted on: December 4, 2009 10:14 am

UFL has room to grow

Now I love the concept of minor league football.  For a long time I have had a weird obsession with the idea of the NFL having a legitimate minor league system for a long time and I can get into that later.  Such a system I think will happen, but that is 10 years away I think, but thats for another random post.  


For now the latest attempt for development leagues is the United Football League UFL.  Which just finished their test season with mixed but overall positive results.  They have said they plan on a 2nd season with expansion and relocation and so on and what not.  But there are some things that I think they messed up on and need to fix to ultimately go in the right direction.  


Start the season sooner.  The UFL should start playing a few weeks prior to the NFL pre-season.  Lets get the opening weeks "exclusive" football play coverage, while Colleges and the NFL are in spring training or even on their month breaks the UFL could be filling the void in the sports addict heart.  This may complicate things when it comes to playing in baseball stadiums from time to time, but the league was not at a point where it could get 40,000 people into a game, nor were they doing well in the markets where they played on such field.  Also this would give the UFL more an audition feel for players and fans, that they are getting on film before the NFL season is too deep into play.  Having players waiting till week 13 of the NFL season to move up to a practice squad or whatever is real late in the season.  


 Stay in 1 venue per team.  In their first season, almost every team played in at least 2 venues per team, with only 3 home games each all that moving around was fine for a premier season marketing test.  It seems a amateur seeming move next year with expansion and stuff.  Also it seems hard to build a fan base and home atmosphere if your drifting like a hobo.  The league needs to use the seating numbers from the first season, set a reasonable goal for fan turnout and pick stadiums accordingly because 10,000 people in an 80,000 seat stadium looks bad. 


Word is that they are going to have 6 teams next season with only Orlando and Las Vegas staying from last season and NY/SF moving to possibly Hartford and Sacramento due to the attendance & NFL dominance in those markets. I also saw that likely they will have a Texas team and another western team (not in LA).  


I see Hartford as a mistake in market choices, Hartford is too close to New England and NYC thats 3 popular NFL teams in an area that you are isolating from the rest of the league, this makes a "regional rival" near impossible.  


I personally feel like they need to look at a population map a bit harder and realize that to start they may want to go to 8 teams in the beginning and consider putting another team in the South East, like Norfolk/Richmond and one in the midwest.  Texas is a good move on the surface, but depends on the city they pick. I always feel like people forget that the game started in the North East/Mid-West for a few good reasons, climate and population for starters. 


Play on weekends more.  People like their football played on Sat/Sun because they have a day of and can get drunk and have fun.  Thats what its all about.  Why do you think MLB attendance and other sports attendance is higher on weekends with struggling teams, I look at the Nationals for example (home town bias).  The UFL needs to be very particular in where they play and when they play, cater to the fans as much as you can.  


Transition to separate GMs for each team and have a public draft.  I get why the league has 1 GM for the first year and why the draft was done on a smaller scale.  This time at least do some thing where fans can listen into the conference call for the draft, on line or whatever they want to do, be more public and open.  Also give coaches someone who can act as a front office type and help them put together a team.   Also the league needs to do what it can to get more rookies into its wings next season focus on recruiting guys from the smaller schools the places NFL scouts may forget to look.  


Finally though they really need to fix the uniforms to be more unique to the cities and team mascots. Why is it new leagues along with the new NFL and college redesigns, feel this need to think there was something wrong with old school uniforms, you classic looks like what the Cardinals and Vikings had?  Remember that period in Major League baseball when a bunch of the the teams had just horrid looking uniforms known as the 80's?  Football is going through that phase now, and they need to just stop it.  There is nothing wrong with having white pants with a basic strip pattern down the side and a simple jersey.  There was nothing wrong with the old Bengals uniforms.   There is no need to have 50 different uniforms going on for one team with different color piping, swooshes and what have you.  A basic simple uniform looks fine.  But get rid of the pastels because even a fat slob like me does not get intimidated by a team wearing light blue and lime green.  

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